What sets us apart:
team spirit

Since its founding in 1959, Supermetal has relied on the strength of team spirit to provide its clients the flexibility of a personalized service that plays a major role in meeting different needs.

Everyone who deals with Supermetal can attest to it: team spirit is deeply established at every level, from planning to assembly.

More than 600 employees work as a team to supply and install structural steel throughout North America. And it makes a difference, because for more than three decades the company has enjoyed uninterrupted industrial peace.

Thanks to the team spirit patiently developed for over 50 years, Supermetal now enjoys an enviable reputation. The company is considered one of the most reliable and professional fabricator of structural steel in North America.

Take advantage of this motivated and winning work-force. Come discover the value of Supermetal's team spirit and how you can make it work for you in your construction projects.

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