The storage yard

Every day, traveling cranes transfer finished beams and bundles of smaller pieces out the back of the shop. The steel is stored in the yard until it is needed for shipping. Projects that have short construction deadlines sometimes require finished steel to be loaded directly onto truck trailers for immediate shipping to the worksite.

A huge storage area -- served by a powerful traveling crane system -- enables us to handle extremely heavy and cumbersome beams or assemblies. Our large open yards give trucks the ability to quickly load and haul out even the longest trusses, and close proximity to dockyards allows us the option of using barges to ship assemblies that would be too large or expensive to haul by truck.

Whatever it takes...

Most of the projects Supermetal has helped to develop have been situated in North America, and highway trucks were the most effective delivery method. But we approach each project individually and develop the best method for ensuring its rapid and efficient completion.

effective delivery method


In the past, this has meant organizing truck, ship and rail deliveries for projects in our neighborhood and around the world. We have even shipped several hundred tons of steel to distant locations in the Congo and Ivory Coast. The following examples illustrate some of our most interesting shipping solutions.

By Sea to Raglan Mine

Short summers and the remote location in the northern extremes of Quebec forced us to take extraordinary measures to ship and erect the components of the Raglan mine. Bechtel, the lead engineer and general contractor, made plans for the project to be developed as a set of twelve huge pre-assembled modules.

We trucked 6000 tons of fabricated steel from the plant to a nearby dock where our erectors pre-assembled the modules and prepared them for shipment. The finished structures were then inched from the dock onto waiting barges -- with 4 modules on each ship. After a journey of 2600 nautical miles to the mine's remote northern location, the modules were put ashore, and hauled by road to the mine site, where our erectors completed the intricate assembly process.

A mill in the heart of Texas

It's not only remote and harsh locations in the Canadian north that pose shipping challenges. When Donohue Paper (now Abitibi Consolidated) purchased an aging paper mill in Lufkin, Texas, they immediately made plans to re-purpose, modernize and expand the old mill.

Market conditions and the merger with Abitibi accelerated the schedule for the mill's refit. To meet this new deadline, J.E. Merit -- the lead engineering firm on the project -- chose Supermetal to fabricate, deliver and manage erection of the structural steel because of our track record for reliably providing services to fast-tracked projects.

Despite the nearly 2,000 miles that separated our plant in Quebec from the paper mill in Texas, we were able to meet the deadlines in a cost-effective manner. A steady stream of trucks was carefully managed to deliver 2,740 tons of steel to the Texas work site.

fast delivery

Way out West

Canada is a massive country spanning more than 3,400 miles from coast to coast, but we managed to effectively ship over 5,500 tons of fabricated steel from our plant in eastern Canada to a location in the western province of Alberta.

The expansion of Union Carbide (now part of Dow Chemical)'s ethylene glycol plant in Prentiss, Alberta, involved almost 12,000 individual pieces, many of which were large and complex, requiring careful handling.

The $300-million expansion was completed on time and with a minimum of delays and shipping complications.

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