Project Management

Everything is under control

the only Canadian steel contractorIn 1996, we began using the SDS-2 software family as a digital foundation around which our entire operation is now run. But the expertise of our employees will always be the essential ingredient in the ultimate success of our projects.

Our first step is to assign a manager to the project who has the experience and leadership to bring together all the necessary elements. The project manager arranges meetings between department heads and engineers to finalize the specifications and implementation plans for the project. Once the plan is set, the drafting team can begin working.


Some projects can involve thousands of individual steel parts that begin as large beams, plates and tubes received from steel suppliers. During preparation, large pieces are cut into smaller pieces, which are then welded to larger pieces during the assembly phase.

At the end of fabrication, large beams, small beams, support brackets, and wide-span trusses must be shipped in proper order to a faraway jobsite that may or may not have sufficient storage space. An effective tracking system is therefore essential.

At Supermetal, we use a numbering system, barcode labels and a central database. These tools allow production managers to instantly identify and track any piece by scanning its barcode label with a laser gun.

The progress and development of thousands of individual pieces can be monitored and controlled as they move through the production process -- from the receiving yard to their installation on the erected structure.

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