Complete services, from A to Z

Supermetal provides the full range of fabrication services, along withthe means and expertise to successfully manage even the most ambitious projects.

We are capable of completely overseeing your project from A to Z, taking care of every aspect from engineering and detailing to fabrication, shipping, and erection. Whatever our role in your project, we always act with a firm commitment and sense of responsibility to the project's overall success.

project's overall success

A Partner in your Success

A project's eventual success -- regardless of size or complexity -- depends on the coordinated efforts of numerous contractors and sub-contractors. While our role in a project may be large or small, the importance of our ability to meet quality guidelines, task deadlines, and other project specifications can never be overstated.

Our goal is to consistently deliver the highest quality services within the timelines set out at the beginning of the project. For Supermetal, there is simply no other way.

Supermetal's reputation for quality, reliability and efficiency has been built over decades of commitment to our customers' needs, and a willingness to continually change as the projects and technology evolve. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have earned, and we work hard to ensure that Supermetal always deserves the trust and respect of our clients.

Goal number 1: quality

Quality is never an accident. It is the result of careful planning, experience, the use of the best available tools, and constant vigilance. Supermetal has always been extremely proactive in the development of quality:

Careful planning:

Before making a final bid on a project, our estimators and project managers diligently analyze the project's requirements, develop a tentative plan for its implementation, and firmly establish whether or not we are capable of completing the project within the timeframe and budget set out.


We have developed an exceptional group of employees, among them executives who each have between 10 and 30 years of experience in steel fabrication. Their expertise is essential to the proper completion of every task. Their dedication is the reason we meet our deadlines, and their knowledge is the source of many innovative solutions for our clients.

The best tools available:

We invest in technologies that help us improve the quality and efficiency of our services. In 1996, we began a process that has since tied every aspect of our operations to Design Data's SDS-2 detailing and project management software. In conjunction with automated machines, barcode labelling and the latest in welding technologies, this software ensures that Supermetal is always on the cutting edge of fabrication.

Constant vigilance:

The ISO 9001and AISC Quality Assurance Programs are the cornerstones of our operational procedures. They allow us to develop sohisticated techniques to increase efficiency, avoid error and continually make improvements.

ISO 9001 quality assurance

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