Troy, New York

  • Design Architect: Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners London and New York
  • Architect of Record: Davis, Brody, Bond LLP New York
  • Structural Engineer of Record: Buro Happold
  • Construction Manager: Turner Construction Company
  • Building Size: 221,200 gross sf
  • Budget: $141.7 million
  • Structural Steel Tonnage: 2000 tons

eMPAC will supply links between science and engineering research on one side and the sensory impact of art on the other, between the human aspiration toward clarity and precision and the equally human experience, so often felt in art, of life as a stumbling quest for answers.

Rensselaer is providing eMPAC with a unique building, offering facilities that can be found nowhere else under a single roof. The building will contain a wide and very flexible range of major venues-a 1,200-seat concert hall, a 400-seat theater, a 3,500-square-foot studio, and a 2,500-square foot studio-as well as suites for artists-in-residence, rehearsal spaces, and student and support facilities.

All are designed and constructed to the highest professional standards to accommodate both the traditional performing arts and contemporary works that incorporate digital and other media; and all will be made available to artists-in-residence who work experimentally.

Every program area-including the breathtakingly designed atrium-is designed so it can be used as a site for performance. All venues throughout the building are wired to production and post-production suites, which can receive sounds and images from every part of the building and can transmit sounds and images in turn.


The project poses very interesting challenges for structural steel. Being a DESIGN-ASSIST project, an excellent communication flow has been established between the different parties involved in the design and the construction.


  • Groundbreaking: September 26, 2003
  • Opening Festival: Fall 2008
  • Principal Performance Venues
    • Concert Hall 11,500 sf (1,200 seats)
    • Theater 4,500 sf (400 seats)
    • Studio 1 3,500 sf (flexible seating for up to 240)
    • Studio 2 2,500 sf (flexible seating for up to 1220)
    • Rehearsal Studio 1,500 sf
    • Artist-in-Residence Studios (4) 200 - 300 sf a piece

projet d'envergure

Supermetal plays a crucial role on this high-profile project with the challenging design of connections and the exchange of design and detail models. Our SDS/2 software combined with the RHINO software make it possible for the design team to incorporate our steel model to theirs in order to facilitate the coordination of the structure with the other trades involved.


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