Automated machinery

Powerful machines, such as band saws and punches, have been combined with computerized technology, and the result has been a dramatic increase in accuracy and production capacities. In each of our three plants, several sophisticated machines are directly connected to the SDS-2 database, which contains complete design information for the entire project. The software supplies workers at CNC stations on the shop floor with a list of pieces that need to be cut during the shift. The 40 employees in this section have 20,000 square feet of available working space.

When the required steel plates or beams are brought to a machine, the CNC station requests fabrication instructions from computerized plans within the SDS-2 database. The requested data is sent to the CNC station, processed, and fed into the waiting machine, which then completes the required cutting or drilling.

CNC station

By creating a direct line between the design software and the production machinery, we were able to avoid miscommunications and errors associated with extra procedures. Computerized measurements are also extremely precise and work that might have taken hours with manual procedures is now done in minutes, if not seconds.

Of course, experienced personnel are constantly required to monitor the quality and integrity of the process, and to ensure that the machines are kept in the best working condition.

Barcode tracking

barcode trackingDuring the preparation stage, an effective tracking system becomes incredibly important. Hundreds of large pieces can be ordered for a project, but during the preparation phase, this number will usually climb into the thousands as smaller pieces are cut for connection points and truss members.

To identify and track the wide assortment of pieces associated with different projects, we designate a number for each individual piece, then attach a barcode label to it.

Production managers use laser guns to quickly read the tags and manage the progress of each piece, from the time it is created until it is shipped out to the jobsite. Once at the construction site, erectors use the same tracking numbers and technology to put pieces in their proper place.

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