The drawing board

draftingOnce the plans are definite, the drafting team can get started. And it's a large group:

  • More than 100 draftsmen in the department
  • Over 200 draftsmen available through our partners
  • SDS/2 CAD software package by Design Data
  • Tekla Structures (Xsteel)
  • Data can be sent directly to Computer Numeric Control (CNC) stations

We started the process of computerizing all our operations in 1996, using the SDS/2 software group. But technology alone is not enough -- it's the expertise of our employees that will always be the key ingredient in our success.

The first step is to assign a project leader with the experience and qualities necessary to guide the project to a successful conclusion. The project leader organizes meetings with the department heads and engineers in order to finalize the specifications and the plan of approach for the project.

Once the plan is established, the drafting team begins its work by gathering all available data from the lead architectural or engineering firm, usually in digital format through our FTP site (File Transfer Protocol). The sophisticated file sharing ability of the SDS-2 software is then used to transform design files from various engineering software packages into computerized 3D models.

The Technology

After the data is downloaded into the system, engineers can use the SDS-2 software to complete a wide range of design tasks: engineers

  • Analyze the load requirements for the structure
  • Engineer connection points and weld requirements
  • Perform Valued Engineering to determine if cost savings can be created through reduced structural requirements
  • Project detailing - including 3D digital models
  • Create intricate and precise shop drawings
  • Process and upload production data directly to CNC stations on the shop floor
  • Sequence the project for erection in 3D or 2D models
  • Make revisions to structural designs and specifications at any point, even during the fabrication or erection process

The SDS-2 software package is the clear leader in the steel fabrication industry and has been instrumental to the success of our entire operation. As the importance of the software continues to grow within the industry, engineering software solutions are working to become more compatible with SDS-2, while CNC machinery functions continue to evolve and expand.

The advanced networking abilities of the software allow our entire in-house team to work together on a real-time basis. And whenever project size or scheduling demands, the software's widespread use gives us the flexibility to work effectively with a network of dependable design sub-contractors across North America. We have three main partner firms that give us access to over 100 experienced detailers in all.

The Team

Teamwork is an important element in the success of our drafting department. Teams of five draftsmen will work simultaneously on a project -- depending on its size and complexity.

By mixing youth and experience within each of these teams, we are able to strengthen the overall skill levels of our department. Our senior employees guide younger team members to maintain the quality and accuracy of their work, while junior members bring new methods and knowledge of the latest technologies. Through this team-building approach, our drafting department has become an innovative group who take tremendous pride in the detail and accuracy of their work, as well as their ability to quickly react to project modifications.

The members of our drafting department have consistently proven their design abilities through their work on projects of all types and sizes.


team of 5 draftsmen

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