Design philosophy

Efficiency every step of the way

Communication is an essential value for Supermetal. At the beginning of a project, engineers and fabricators need to discuss the overall design criteria and design philosophy of a specific project to ensure safe conditions, save time and reduce costs during construction.

safe conditions

The efficient exchange of information is even more important on fast-track projects. The connection design has a major impact on the overall cost of a steel structure, which is why we invest substantial time and effort in the design process to make the entire project as efficient as possible.

One of the most important advances we've made over the past ten years was the move towards developing a more complete in-house solution for engineering and detailing. The cornerstone of this move was the implementation of Design Data's SDS-2 software for steel fabricators. This advanced software package accepts design information from the project's architect and EOR, and turns the data into working 3-D models within a main database. Information can be entered into the software electronically (through our FTP server) or scanned from more traditional design sources.

Once entered in the database, the 3-D model can then be examined and manipulated by Supermetal's engineers. We use the SDS-2 interface in connection design to calculate and verify all the standard connections based on AISC, LRFD, ASD or CISC Limit States Design standards. The software automatically designs simple connection points from previously entered specifications. For more complex connections, our engineers use it to generate 3-D models and rapidly visualize numerous alternatives. Our design team can cover all aspects of seismic design in accordance with project specifications or FEMA 350 provisions.

Once the structure connections have been designed and approved, a team of draftsmen uses SDS-2 software to turn the computer models into intricate shop drawings for the fabrication stage. Using computer workstations that are all connected to our central database, members of the project team can work together in real time, regardless of their location. This allows us to work seamlessly with outside partners and specialists when the job requires it. It also means that changes made by one person are instantly seen by everyone else involved in the project.

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